Friday 1 March 2013

GW28 Preview and Captain Rankings

A couple of important rad flags to mention first, indicating there's arisk if the player will play or not this weekend.  Sturridge, Van Persie and Fellaini are all carrying knocks.  I can't say if they'll play or not and perhaps even they don't know what their fitness levels will be come kick off but the one thing I would say is I don't think Ferguson would take any risks with Van Persie's fitness ahead of Real Madrid next week.  This gameweek's home game against Norwich is just much less important than the Real Madrid match, especially with United's league position and strenght in depth up front.  I can see Rooney starting and Van Persie coming of the bench.

Sturridge's ranking here is still subject to the small sample size warning, as is Sissoko's.  As you can see on their Form Charts below though Sturridge has been very consistent whilst Sissoko ha been good but his ranking has been boosted by one big game. That's not to say he can't have an other big game, he certainly can, he's done it once so can do it again, but Sturrdige's profile shows he's a much more reliable player for fantasy points.

Nani is a bit of a curveball entrant this week.  His underlying stats this season, and hence his F.SCORE has been superb, when he's played.  He's an attacking player in an attacking team though, so I am not surprised to see him feature here.

Mata's form has been a bit down of late, perhaps he's been struggling to recover from tan illness which saw him miss a match or two recently. Many are predicting a cup hangover for Swansea too, which places some doubt over Michu.  My opinion on this though is that these guys are professional footballers and will do just fine.

My money then is on Suarez and with the change I'll have a punt on Michu. 

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