Tuesday 5 March 2013

GW28 Top Ranked Players plus AVL 0-1 MCI

First an update with the GW28's final match to the FPL Match Centre and then a look at the top Fantast Premier League players from this weekend's games and the last 6 matches.

A bit of personal first.  I had a stinker of a gameweek and had back-ended all my hope into something from Aguero only to see him not feature at all here due to an injury.  He's been missing a lot of minutes this season with on and off injuries and I'm of mind now that he may be struggling with a niggle and is not going to see out the remainder of the season with the flourish I had been hoping for.  

On to the rest of the team then.  Rodwell's 25th minute injury forced Mancini to play with two orthodox strikers, a role Yaya Toure started off in.  Did no real good though.  Despite all the possession and plenty of chances they could only manage the one.  Admittedly Guzan was in fine form in nets, and the post got in the way too.  Carlos Tevez was the main threat for City and without a fit Aguero to call upon he could see some return to fantasy teams.  Silva created a lot of key chances but not goal threat himself. Villa did a fairly good job of creating chance but not a good job of creating good chances, with none on target.  This seems to be the script for City in the latter half of the season, to maintain their shape and control the game and just threaten enough to win.

GW28 Top Ranked Players
Oscar had a cracking game but did not finish off any of his chances.  This was his best F.SCORE performance of the season though, indeed one of the best from any player all season. 3rd highest behind RVP's and Gomez's hatrick performance.  He should count himself unlucky not to have score and if he can get even close to this kind of form again could be real alternative.  Kagawa's and Suarez's hatricks of course warrant them a place in the rankings for this week.

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Looking at the 6 week form rankings (below) Gareth Bale is way out ahead as he strings world-class performances after world-class performance.  Suarez and Walcott are the two to get closet to the Welshmen.

Check out the Top Players page anytime for the current GW, 6 week and Full Season rankings.

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  1. What is the relationship between f-score & FF points?

  2. I like to describe F.SCORE as the amount of points a player would score in FPL if the match was played over and over (and over) again. It's based on established laws of average - e.g. 1 shot on target (SoT) out of 3 ends up a goal. Therefore if a player has 3 SoT I "award" him the points for a goal (i.e. 4pts for a FWD, 5 for a Mid, etc). I also then factor in appearance points, clean sheet pts, bonus, etc. The F.SCORE is multipled by 10.

    Read the link below for a full explanation, thanks for your comment.