Friday 15 March 2013

DGW Updates

Quite a complicated fudge to the model was required, these DGW are quite a headache, but the data and all pages are updated to reflect latest fixture changes, remembering that the CHEvsFUL game is still to be scheduled and the STOvs MAN game in GW33 may well get postponed if United beat Chelsea in the FA Cup replay on April 1st.  If you look at the Projections Page raw data you'll find an "extra" GW39 for teams like Chelsea who have as yet unscheduled fixtures

Let me know if spot any errors as like I said it was a bit tricky! 

I also want to take this opportunity to plug the free newsletter I contribute to that's publlished by

It's going well.  This week there's an End of Season Transfer Strategy guide, valuable insights to the BTTS betting market.  Along wuthe usual selection and gameweek picks you can get a first peak at my weekly Captain Rankings and there'll be a summary to the teams affected by DGW.

InsideFPL have this week released a Price Tracker app on their website.  If you sign up you'll receive a daily digest email informing you of all the price rises and changes before they happen.  Sign up at


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