Wednesday 24 April 2013

GW34 Top Ranked Players

The above ranking are based on my F.SCORE metric, determined from underlying stats only, an aggregate of shots, shots on target, key passes etc. to give an indicator of a player's statistical performance and whether they deserved decent FPL points or just got a lucky shot in off their arse. 

As usual we see Suarez and Van Persie up top and are joined by a few randoms who had a good game, e.g. Kamara.  

The Top Players page has been updated with the 6 week and season long rankings. Andy Carroll's recent run of perfromances see's him sitting comfortably in the second tier of players in the 6 week rankings right now, behind the likes of RVP, Suarez and Bale and alongside Cisse, Benteke and Michu.

Check out the GW34 Match Centre for stats for every player from all the matches this weekend gone.

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