Friday 5 April 2013

GW32 Captain Rankings


Hope you  enjoyed my April Fool's joke earlier in the week.  Don't no-one handing the armband to Tony Hibbert, legend that he is! 

Looking at the rankings then captaining Suarez this week is probably the easiest decision I'll make all season.  There really is no alternative that isn't without the level of risk that will have you hiding behind your sofa for a few hours over the weekend. He's way out there.

Bale's injury is  a major blow but could the timing be better, home game against Everton, followed by a blank GW and then the visit of City.  A stretch of 3 games you might be better off without out him.  

Anyway, that's an aside, there are a few more intriguing options amongst the captain picks.  Demba Ba should feature for Chelsea with Torres rested after playing in Europe.  He could do really well against Sunderland.  Remy and Lukaku are the other two players.

With all the fixture malarkey over the next few weeks I've contributed the Captain Rankings over this period to the InsideFPL newsletter and they've produced a lovely infographic showing the best picks each week, from the perspective of top points scored, likely differentials and best cheap players.  I managed to get hold of an early test draft of GW32's.  I do love a nice graphic :)

You can see the finished article and picks for the next few weeks by signing up to the newsletter over at


  1. Hello Shots On Target,

    Just wanna say that I'm really appreciating the efforts you guys have put in for the season, I'm still following your Match centers etc. really closely, so do keep up the good work! My rankings have also significantly improved since using your Match Centers as a reference for my own analysis blog.

    Do take care, and keep up the good work man! Just another fan here :)

  2. Thanks Luxian. This comment means a lot to me, really! What's your blog? Would love to have a read!

  3. Suarez is the man without a doubt this week. Let's hope for no yellows though as my planning is already a mess and I don't need another headache!

  4. Hey SS! Nice to have you commenting again! :D FPL wasn't this irksome with the fixtures and injuries last season was it?

  5. My blog is just a simple one really, but do check it out when you have the time.

    Just simple analysis on my team and thought on it. I have written an article recently for TotalFPL as well, but no doubt you and Chris Glover are my reference models. And Squawka.