Thursday 25 April 2013

FPL Total Transfers Per Week

The above chart shows the trend of transfers in Fantasy Premier League each week through the season and up to GW34.  The absolute numbers are not exact as it's calculated from each player's net transfers in and out rather than each manger's transfers made, but it's close and relatively accurate.

You can see a big peak of activity in the first 4-5 weeks of the season until around GW7 where activity really seems to drop off to a plateau around 1.125, 000 transfers a week until the January wildcard opportunity sees another huge ramp in transfers only to see activity fall back to the sub-million mark.  The latest DGW in week 33 really grabbed people's attention though, perhaps with a fair few -4pt or -8pt hits going on as people make a last gasp push for some points. 

It's fairly reassuring that the activity level does not plummet too much once the honeymoon period of the new season is past, and that the activity level now is not too dissimilar to that through GW11-19 when the FPL campaign is still hot.


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