Friday 29 September 2017

GW7 Fantasy Football Cloud Team

First up this is the unlimited budget "best bunch of 11 players" according to the Top Player ratings at

I am working on an algorithm which will compare a given FPL team to the optimum one, give your team a rating, and offer best way (transfer) to improve the rating within budget. But in this post I'l try and work the algorithm manually :)

So the current FFCloud site team before transfers looks like this with 2FT and 1.5 ITB...

Not too shabby but far from perfect. The team has a rating of 327 (just first XI) compared to the very best team (the first image) which scores 350, the big differences being Firmino and Brady instead of Morata and Salah, which would pretty much blow the budget to pieces.

One option would be to shift Firmino for Morata, selling Lowe to Mbemba to raise money. This would bump the rating up by 14 to 341. A "better" move however would be to do a straight switch from Lowe to Kolasanic, an increase of 17 and only using 1FT. Hmmm...  so that's the transfer then and team  for GW7 is below!

Looking at the ratings in general has led me to consider the "worth" of a player to your team. For example, if Tom Carroll is in 47/50 top manager's squads and Kane in just 42/50 does that make Carroll the better player for your team? Of course not. So I have some ideas and will be developing the ratings in this direction over the international break. Good luck, folks.

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