Friday 15 September 2017

GW5 Fantasy Football Cloud Team

Quick post to share the GW5 team. At a bit of a disadvantage due to starting late and missing some price rises on Eriksen, Mkhi and the like so have taken a 4 point hit.

As mentioned last week, the policy for this team is to keep it aligned with my "Top Player" ratings at, which are in turn based on the teams of best career FPL managers out there (e.g. HoF).

The key transfer to make this week is Ben Davies so in he comes, for Bertrand. Willian was sacrificed and so also new to the team is Robbie Brady. He was the highest rated player in that low to mid-price bracket.

Atsu looks like a problem but there is money to spend if required on a player like Maxim Choting (who has seen some transfers in this week). Kane (C)!  Good luck!!!

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