Friday 10 May 2013

GW37 FPL Captain Rankings

My money this week is on Van Persie.  His popularity in various polls has jumped quite significantly since Alex Ferguson announced his retirement. This will be his last game as manager at Old Trafford and the atmosphere is sure to be sufficient to re-galvanise United after a slight post-title winning slump. Looking down then, I also would not be surprised if Liverpool knock a few past Fulham. If Reading can then I'm sure Daniel Sturridge can, and he'll will want to give Rodgers something to think about over the summer too.

Similar to Old Trafford, the Goodison Park crowd will be up for David Moyes' last game there so a goal or two could be expected from the Toffees. Could this also be Baines or Fellaini's last game at Goodison too?

Arsenal players and Theo Walcott are noticeable by their absence here. Remember that these rankings are statistically generated and my computer won't know how desperate Wigan will be to get at least a point. Fact is, Wigan have a fairly decent away defensive record for their league position, although they have taken the odd pounding from the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool. 


  1. Wigan have been solid defensively except they make a TON of errors leading to goal. Swansea really only generated a few chances last week bu were able to score three thanks to Wigan's Keystone cops routine. While it's difficult to predict when Wigan won't make mistakes (there is a reason it's happening after all) they do have the ability to play well (e.g., the 1-0 win at White Hart Lane)

  2. Hey SS, I still need to incorporate Big Chances that's for sure.

  3. It's actually less about Big Chances as Wigan is firmly in the middle of the pack in that metric (9th to be exact). No, it's more a discussion of simple errors that lead to goals. Wigan have been exceptionally poor about making errors which lead to goals, doing so 16 times this season. Only two other teams have done so more than 11 times. You make Wigan 18th instead of 20th in that stat and they are probably a win away from escaping relegation.

    This is one of the reasons I have Wigan so high in my rankings (they are 10th). Errors are something I have yet to incorporate. The rest of Wigan's defensive numbers are solid. They are 9th in both Big Chances and SOT allowed. They are 8th in SIB allowed. They are 9th in opp touches in the box and total shots allowed.

    You take away the errors and this is a solid defensive club. Of course, that's a big caveat now isn't it?

    I do hope they manage to stay up. If they can eek out a draw against Arsenal they may have a chance.